Vivo is a custom designed, musical immersion
for students with special needs.
Vivo is currently designed specifically for elementary school age children with autism. Future plans include classes for additional ages and needs.

SCHOLARSHIP -- We were able to offer 1 full scholarship for a Vivo student for the Fall Session due to a generous donation. At this time we have no scholarship monies available for Winter/Spring. If you are interested in providing for worthy students and or families, please contact us.

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VIVO on Virginia this morning, Friday 8/29- Autism and Music.

Vivo provides opportunity for musical achievement and personal development in a nurturing community of musicians, meeting students where they are and moving them toward a next-level experience. Vivo is a place where students with special needs can make music and learn music in community with other musicians, regardless of ability, age, or any other limiting factor. They have a place with us. Music binds us all together.
We are energized, experienced, and passionate about the difference this musical opportunity can make in yours and your students' days. These students are able to accomplish GREAT musical things:

...mastering developmentally appropriate musical concepts(beat, rhythm, pitch, etc), development of the singing voice, progression of fine motor skills through the use of classroom instruments, honing of gross motor skills as applied to musical movement activities, limitless creativity displayed through musical composition…the list goes on. Vivo can and will change a child’s life; spending time making music and friends in a supportive setting, will do that for you! Using the tool of music, our students feel a sense of belonging, a spirit of pride and accomplishment, and a determination and drive toward the next musical level.

Each Vivo class is filled with singing, movement, listening, instrument use, and music reading. The students work corporately to achieve the objectives set out for each class, however, they are also challenged individually, taking into account that each child is unique. At the end of the day, Da Capo is proud to say that music has helped to transform the lives of those who have invested in this musical community. If you have any further questions or thoughts please contact our lead teachers for this offering:
Tracee Prillaman and Heidi Thurmond

Music creates a backdrop of self-examination, determination, joy, and acceptance that fosters the positive development of a student with autism. Through music, we can be ourselves; there is no right or wrong! We can each achieve excellence at our own rate, given our own set of circumstances and be affirmed by a community.