For personal goals,
We understand that you have goals ranging from auditioning for show choir, singing for an office party, to singing in church, to auditioning for Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens or American Idol, to singing at Carnegie Hall.

Our master level faculty provides short term Coaching to enable more targeted preparation. You set the objectives. These coaching sessions are short term, intense, objective based learning modules targeted at meeting the immediate demands of our customers and students. We utilize the Da Capo Way, but we apply it in a more tactical approach to help you achieve your short term goals.

For churches, public and private schools and other community institutions, we offer consulting and experience based "Seminars" for development. We will work with you to assess your current state and help you define those critical steps to improvement. Pricing is negotiable from free to full consulting and long term assistance. We are here to make a difference for you and your music/musicians.

  • We give your choir the boost it needs for a retreat or special event.
  • We can lead and facilitate retreats.
  • We are available for classroom visits and curriculum augmentation.
  • We present after-school programs for PTA events and school assemblies/festivals.