Prima Volta (grades K-2) : is a general music learning group instruction environment targeted at the development of our youngest students. Perfect for home schoolers and families seeking a solid foundation for their musicians. Sessions are themed and include: the sounds of music, world music I and world music II. These children learn to make music a part of their life gaining enjoyment and discipline from their

Animato (grades 3-5): Is our flagship children's offering. This offering is for elementary school children who are seeking a next level opportunity to grow as musicians and people. In Animato, they are provided both the skills and the experiences required to become elite musicians.

Cantare (grades 6-8) : A performing and learning ensemble targeted for middle school students. This group, sings and performs regularly throughout the community and in major events as appropriate.

Bel Canto (HS, College, Adult): our advanced group vocal offering. This is a hybrid, "class voice" setting which focuses on group vocal technique, musical concepts, theory and repertoire and some group choral singing. This class teaches adult singer to present themselves and vocal works in a "world class" environment less intimidating than traditional concert halls. We pride ourselves on our elite approach to excellence coupled with our warm, inviting atmosphere based in our community mission.

VIVO: for Musicians with Special Needs (Autism)