Founded in 2006, by Jeff and Tracee Prillaman, the Da Capo institute began as an idea, then operated as an independent sole proprietorship owned by Jeff & Tracee until the idea proved itself out. The institute was formally incorporated in 2008 and is currently based in Richmond, VA. The Da Capo brand and materials are retained and marketed for franchise/purchase under the LLC. The instructional model is now executed via a partnership with Da Capo Virginia also based in Richmond VA. It is our hope and dream that the Da Capo way can spread to schools, churches and communities all over the world, facilitating music as a language to support and further the arts, communities and musicians everywhere.


Methods, Materials and curriculum supporting the Da Capo Way are available for license from Da Capo Institute LLC for churches, schools and other community minded musicians and musical organizations.

Da Capo Virginia (an educational not for profit registered in VA) offers musical training in a community based, passion driven approach via choruses, private instruction, coaching, small ensembles and public performances directly to the Richmond Va region and beyond.

We would like for your school or church to be the next regional partner. Contact us to find out how.


Da Capo musicians serve two purposes: to experience music and serve as the musical experience for others !

Our faculty is comprised of an elite group of handpicked, professionally trained, community minded musicians. We seek an opportunity to directly impact our communities with music through teaching and performing alike. We are solo performers, choristers, educators, conductors, clinicians, therapists, writers, ministers, and arts advocates. We reside and are active members in the communities that we serve. Teaching, networking and performing together provide opportunity for personal artistic development as well as a chance to share our passion for music.

Our students are made up of musicians of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Music is the language which we use to interact with and build our community.

The Da Capo Way is our unique experience based approach. It is the framework which includes passion, discipline, and application as the foundation for all of our learning and performance opportunities.

Our staff
consists of friends and Christians who share one another’s dreams and passions to share music and arts in a community based model to positively impact our world and culture. We are further brought together by our desire to use our God given talents to impact our world in a relevant and tangible manner.

Our Mission and Vision is to build musical communities. Click here for the full statements.

Our Guiding Principles:

Develop the whole person through opportunities for self-expression, discipline, creativity, and teamwork.
Achieve excellence through challenging experiences.
Create, build, and strengthen new and existing communities through the common language of music.
Appreciate all types of music.
Provide an opportunity for everyone, where all are valued as individuals.
Outfit individuals with the power to share music and impact their world