baton and music_conductor
Jeff Prillaman -- (Founder, Bel Canto, Advanced Voice, Coaching, Lecture) is responsible for the vision and overall business viability of the institute. He provides consulting and decision support to the leadership team ensuring alignment to the mission, vision and guiding principles. As a faculty member, he directs the adult learning ensemble Bel Canto, teaches advanced voice and coaches as demand is required.

Tracee Prillaman -- (Founder, Voice, Animato, Cantare, VIVO, Private Voice & Piano) is the institute's director and manages the day to day activities and requirements of the institute. She manages the curriculum, method and teaching guidance required by the faculty and staff as well as carrying a full studio of voice and piano students and conducting Animato, Cantare and assisting with VIVO.

Heidi Thurmond -- (Senior Faculty & Designer: Flute, Piano, VIVO) is a founding faculty member teaching both flute and piano and our Lead Teacher for VIVO.