Perfect for schools, churches and community minded music teachers. We provide a “music school in a box” or “a la carte musical instructional design components” that you can mix and match to meet your needs.

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The Da Capo Institute LLC provides: Curriculum, Lesson Plans and the Da Capo Way for License and/or Purchase. The Da Capo Way and our curriculum/service product catalogue are in practice making a difference TODAY!!!

Through a local Educational partner Da Capo Virginia, we have proof that THE WAY works. CONTACT US if you are interested in partnering or trying our models to make a difference wherever you are.

Teatro Nuovo in Spoleto Italy
Musicians are valuable in our society and can make a difference far beyond what today’s culture ascribes. It takes a complete program to find and bring out the value in every area from performer, to student, to audience and family member.

Students of all ages, improve their problem solving skills, enhance creativity, and and develop relational skills which improve every facet of life from work, to play and beyond.
Our Curriculum provides opportunities for everyone to find a place in the global community of musicians, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We INSPIRE A DESIRE for EXCELLENCE and we give our student the tools to find “success and creativity in community”.

--Learn in an "Ensemble"... (Bel Canto, Animato, Cantare)
Start your younger children off on the right track...(Prima Volta)
--All students contribute no matter their needs or abilities. (Vivo)
--Study instruments or voice in private lessons...


A TED TALK from 2006 around the same time DA CAPO was founded!!!


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Why should I enroll myself or my children in music education/growth? - Click on the link to listen to Wynton Marsalis speak to the National Press Club. Da Capo involvement is a chance for you to make a difference, NOW!